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CLR Toolbox

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CLR Toolbox is a collection of own and third party classes which are written in C# and that target on:
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 and later
  • Mono Profile 2.0 and 4.0
  • Windows Forms (WinForms)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • XNA Framework 4.0 (Windows Phone)

The whole project is separated into the follwoing parts:

Name Targets on Compiler version
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.20 Microsoft .NET 2.0 C# 3.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.20.Web ASP.NET for Microsoft .NET 2.0 ISO-2
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.20.WinForms Windows Forms for Microsoft .NET 2.0 ISO-2
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.35 Microsoft .NET 3.5 C# 3.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.35.Web ASP.NET for Microsoft .NET 3.5 C# 3.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.35.WinForms Windows Forms for Microsoft .NET 3.5 C# 3.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.35.WPF WPF for Microsoft .NET 3.5 C# 3.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.40 Microsoft .NET 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.40.Web ASP.NET for Microsoft .NET 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.40.WinForms Windows Forms for Microsoft .NET 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.40.WPF WPF for Microsoft .NET 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.45 Microsoft .NET 4.5 C# 5.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.45.Web ASP.NET for Microsoft .NET 4.5 C# 5.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.45.WinForms Windows Forms for Microsoft .NET 4.5 C# 5.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.45.WPF WPF for Microsoft .NET 4.5 C# 5.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.Mono2 Mono Profile 2.0 ISO-2
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.Mono2.Web ASP.NET for Mono Profile 2.0 ISO-2
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.Mono4 Mono Profile 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.Mono4.Web ASP.NET for Mono Profile 4.0 C# 4.0
MarcelJoachimKloubert.CLRToolbox.XNA.40 Microsoft XNA 4.0 C# 3.0

The following third party libraries (with their own licenses) are embedded:

CLR Toolbox and its sub libraries are licensed under the LGPL v3.0.

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